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Capt. Alan Ryland

SPECIALTY: Sight fishing for Redfish, Snook, Sea Trout, Black Drum, and Tarpon.

Seasonal trips available for American Shad on the St Johns River


  • 2018 Maverick 18HPX V powered by a 2018 Yamaha 115 VMAX

  • 15’4” Gheenoe “High Sider” for the very adventurous (no motor/poling only) 

TACKLE: Nautilus Fly Reels, Florida Fishing Products spinning reels, St Croix Rods 

Originally from Ft. Lauderdale, I have lived my entire life in the State of Florida. My passion, second only to my family, is the sport of inshore angling, especially on fly gear. Fishing, for me, started at an early age in the canals and retention ponds of South Florida. Eventually, this grew to include the backcountry waters of the Florida Keys with most of my family residing, boating, and fishing in that area. Throughout my youth, I was fortunate to have a family whose lives revolved around the water and fishing. My immediate family eventually moved into the area of East Central Florida. My fishing then evolved to riding my bike to local lakes and the shorelines of the Indian and Banana River Lagoons.


Around the age of 16, now having a vehicle, I was able to use my Father’s boat to expand my fishing throughout the East Central Florida Lakes and Lagoon Estuaries. My passion for fishing, especially on fly gear, continued to grow to include fishing local bass tournaments and then expanding into inshore redfish tournaments and fly fishing around the state, also including some traveling to the marshes of Louisiana. After five or so years fishing the inshore tournament scene, my focus then turned to sharing my passion for fishing with others. The clear direction for me was now to obtain my USCG Captain’s License and continue to devote all the time I could to sharing my passion and knowledge of inshore and fly fishing with others, and so began the new chapter of my life.

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